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We are the MIT Club of Wisconsin and our mission is to enhance the value of the MIT degree, build community, and celebrate our shared experience.

The MIT Club of Wisconsin represents alumni throughout the state as well as Friends of the Club. We also represent alumni from Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Alumni from Illinois and Minnesota are also welcome at our events. This website is your gateway to activities and news about the club, a way to find out what your fellow alumni are doing and stay connected.

Upcoming Events

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Systems Biology - Yin Lab

 Meet with Prof. John Yin, Chemical & Biological Engineering at UW-Madison, to learn about his work in ‘Systems Biology and Systems Chemistry.’  Systems chemistry aims to combine store-bought chemicals in a manner that enables them to exhibit properties of living matter. Specifically, we are combining different amino acids to build peptides and polymers that: (i) store information about their environment, (ii) catalytically contribute to their own synthesis or replication, and (iii) adapt to new environments.

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Letter from the President:

The MIT Club of Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan is the official alumni club that continues to serve over 500 alumni throughout the region. Our activities serve MIT alumni, current students, and friends of the Club. We strive to provide behind-the-scenes industry tours, lectures on the latest research, and unique social events. We also serve as a resource to the local K-12 STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) community providing a platform to the local community, MIT students and alumni, and friends. We host events for Club members throughout the year, so please join us at one of our upcoming events!


Christie Lin

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