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Welcome to the MIT Club of Wisconsin’s website!

We’re glad you found us.

The MIT Club of Wisconsin and Upper Peninsula serves 500+ alumni throughout the region. Our activities serve MIT alumni, current students, and friends of the club. Our wide range of events includes our signature event Technology Achievement Awards, plus tours of Museums and 3D printing facilities, celebration of MIT through events such as Toast to IAP), and student sendoffs. Please join the club if you are not already a  member as you will help support these events, provide donations to worthy organizations, and receive discounted rates to events. You don’t have to be affiliated with MIT to join our club; we also have a Friends category. For more information,
please contact Allyn Ziegenhagen.

These activities are put together by a board of MIT alumni (both undergraduate and graduate.) I'd like to invite you to contact me if you are interested in learning more about becoming a board member. Currently most of our events are in Madison or Milwaukee. However, if you live elsewhere in the state and would be interested in becoming a board member and helping host events in your area that would be great!

Another way to relive those MIT days is by becoming an educational counselor (EC). ECs interview prospective high school students who are applying to MIT. We are in need of ECs throughout the state, please contact me for more information.

The club has recently launched a new partnership with FIRST Robotics (a high school robotics building competition). We are looking for MIT alumni to serve as mentors for these students throughout the state. Please contact Christie Lin for more information.

The MIT Club of Wisconsin assists current MIT students with finding summer jobs. If your company is interested please contact Allyn Ziegenhagen.

Finally, I'm asking that you please take a short survey, which will better help us serve you.

Kathreen Thome '09
President of MIT Club of Wisconsin


Welcome to the MIT Club of Wisconsin!

We are the MIT Club of Wisconsin and our mission is to enhance the value of the MIT degree, build community, and celebrate our shared experience.

The MIT Club of Wisconsin represents alumni throughout the state as well as Friends of the Club. We also represent alumni from Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Alumni from Illinois and Minnesota are also welcome at our events. This website is your gateway to activities and news about the club, a way to find out what your fellow alumni are doing and stay connected.

Upcoming Events

Saturday, November 01, 2014

MIT Wisconsin at the Milwaukee Art Museum

DATE/TIME: 1:00—2:00 p.m., Saturday, 11/1/2014
LOCATION: Milwauke Art Museum
TICKETS: Our group rate is $10/person and free to MAM Members. So join MAM and get free admission!
The MIT Club of Wisconsin will visit the Milwaukee Art Museum to view their main exhibit "Of Heaven and Earth: 500 Years of Italian Painting from Glasgow Museums." This exhibition will examine the thematic and stylistic developments in Italian Art from the religious paintings of the Middle Ages and Renaissance to the secular neoclassical and genre paintings of the nineteenth century, highlighting great masters like Botticelli, Bellini, Titian, and Guardi.
Tour of Exhibition, led by Tanya Paul, PhD, the Isabel and Alfred Bader Curator of European Art at the Milwaukee Art Museum.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Morgridge Institute's Medical Engineering Group Tour of the Medical Engineering Group and the Advanced Fabrication Lab at the Morgridge Institute for Research

Congratulations to 2014 Tech Awards Winners!

April 11, MIT Technology Achievement Awards, Milwaukee 

This year we will honor and celebrate:
           Individual: Professor Stephen Carpenter/Center for Limnology/UW-Madison;
           Medium-Sized Company: Metria Innovation//Image-Based Spatial Measurements/Milwaukee 
           Large Company: Gilson Inc/Automated & Special Liquid-Handling Systems/Madison 

Our keynote speaker was Professor Albrecht Karle, of the Physics Department at UW-Madison. He is one of the Major Investigators in the IceCube Neutrino Project, which announced its successful detection of neutrinos from outer space in late 2013.

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